White walls, walnut accents, a touch of marble … and a huge LEGO staircase? Not every client wants that kind of crafty element in their other-wise elegant home, but for anyone who does: there are only two licensed LEGO artists in the city to choose from (perhaps the exclusivity was part of the appeal).

I-Beam Architecture And Design collaborated with their clients to make their space not only nice but also personalized, creative and unique, through drawings, sculptures and colorful toys layered on top of the more conventional core design.

Aside from LEGOs, the designers worked to tie in splashes of color via accents, accessories, furnishings and fixtures throughout the abode.

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The architects and owners worked together to develop a plan that would remain open while creating order amongst a variety of domestic and professional activities. A series of sliding walls each weighing over 500 lbs serve as alternating studio and exhibition walls that reveal or conceal different areas (studio, office and living room) according to the time of day and who is using the space.”