Coach House Renovation Zecc exterior

An 18th century horse stable and coach house has ben converted into a bright, modern home that maintains many of the original historical details of the structure. Zecc Architecten and BYTR Architecten tore out most of the interior, which wasn’t fit for modern living, making a solid oak staircase the centerpiece of the home and contrasting the old rustic beams with new smooth, white surfaces.

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Coach House Renovation Zecc detail
Coach House Renovation Zecc living room

Originally built in 1760, the Netherlands structure was brimming with character and interesting architectural details. The tack room became the entrance hall, the coach house the kitchen, and the stable with its original hay racks and troughs the living room.

Coach House Renovation Zecc
Coach House Renovation Zecc stairs

Demolition revealed some of the structure’s original oversized high doors, which made for ideal transitions between rooms. The staircase functions as a skylight for the kitchen, bringing in daylight from the roof upstairs, with the top half of the risers left open.

Coach House Renovation Zecc tack room

These stairs lead to a cozy lounge area with a wood stove, where the original wooden trusses of the space can be seen. The remaining rooms of the home, including bedrooms and bathrooms, are accessible from this space.

From the architects:

“A monumental coach house and stable from 1760 becomes a spacious house. A mishmash of built curiosities is removed. Historical elements became visible again. The stable, still complete with hay racks and troughs, is used as a living room. The tack room becomes the entrance hall and the coach house the new kitchen. Some oversized high doors reappeared during the demolition. This created a surprising connection between living room and kitchen.”

Coach House Renovation Zecc timber

“In this high dimension, a new staircase of solid oak wood is placed as a modern addition. It has become the centre of the house, and daylight falls from the roof into the new kitchen. A double hood with wooden trusses determines the atmosphere upstairs. A seating around a wood stove is added as a pleasant lounge. From here the bedrooms and bathrooms are accessible as well.”

About Zecc Architecten:

“Zecc Architects is founded on January 1st 2003 by Marnix van der Meer and Rolf Bruggink (ROLF.FR). Since 2007 Zecc is leaded by Marnix van der Meer (1972). With a team of approximately 7 enthusiastic people Zecc aims to create clear, sparkling and sustainable buildings. In may 2012 Steven Nobel and Bart Kellerhuis become co-owner of Zecc Architects BV. Along with founder Marnix van der Meer, they recently introduced a three-man board. 10 Years after the first assignment, the office strengthens its basis for further cooperation, new initiatives and of course more great projects.”