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To be fair, total weight is actually closer to sixteen and one-half pounds … but that includes a set of sleek chairs, a side table, a shelving unit and even a high-tech carpet to lay everything out on. How? With engineering ingenuity, new technology and ingenious components.

Clearly a play on words, the conceptual Light Room by Bram Greenen (recent graduate of the Utrecht School of Arts)?uses lightweight materials to make a point about sustainability and style.

In short: a little goes a long way, if we can find ways to lower the cost of high-end synthetic textiles and other hybrid alloys that make up this marvelous living room idea.

Knitted fabrics from nylon and silt to kevlar form much of what you see, with some tension cables, aluminum and fiberglass in the mix as well. Structure is emphasized not for aesthetic reasons but as a simple consequence of the goal: reducing how much physical stuff goes into the making of each object. Air, light and shadow fill the resulting voids.