12 shoes for 12 lovers

Artist Sebastian Errazuriz (link NSFW) explores the themes of sex, love, and memories through his series of shoe sculptures. Each shoe in the “12 Shoes for 12 Lovers” series embodies memorable parts of the women they represent as remembered by Errazuriz. The series is quite chauvinistic – reducing human beings to one or two of their perceived personalities – but gives a fascinating glimpse into how the artist views his ex-lovers.


The sculptures represent the essence of each ex-lover: “Honey,” represented by shoes shaped like honeycomb, was a sweet girl who treated the artist so sweetly that he was provoked to break up with her because he couldn’t stand being treated so well.

cry baby

“Cry Baby” was stuck on an ex-boyfriend who she couldn’t seem to let go of, even while engaged in a short affair with the artist. The shoes look just like spilled milk, humorously alluding to the nickname he gave the woman.

gold digger

“Gold Digger” was, predictably, only interested in a man who had enough money to support a lavish lifestyle. Being a poor artist, Errazuriz could not live up to her expectations.

heart breaker

“Heart Breaker” ran off and married another man, leaving Errazuriz heartbroken and dejected.

ice queen

The “Ice Queen” was a difficult young woman who never let her icy facade slip for too long.

hot bitch

Caroline, a woman the artist met at a wedding, is affectionately (and somewhat misogynistic-ally) known as “Hot Bitch” in the series. It seems she could seduce a man in no time at all, then leave him drunken and broken on the dance floor.

the virgin

Anna was a young lady known as “The Virgin” who neglected to reveal that detail of herself until after the artist had taken her to bed. After their encounter, she considered becoming a nun.

jet setter

“Jetsetter” was a woman whose wealthy family wasn’t even enough to convince the artist to give the relationship a go – even for an evening. She sneaked out in the middle of the night.

the boxx

Rachel, described by the artist as a “hardcore feminist,” earned the moniker of “The Boss,” and a shoe that perfectly embodies her cut-throat way of life and love.

GI Jane

Barbara, the daughter of a tough Army commander, found herself in a sticky situation when she and the artist were caught steaming up the car windows of his SUV. It earned her shoe the name “GI Jane.”

the ghost

Valentina, “The Ghost,” appeared one day on the artist’s doorstep and spend a torrid summer with the artist. Then she was gone as soon as she appeared.

The Rock

“The Rock,” otherwise known as Alice, was the one who got away. She knew they would become a couple, and she knew they would break up – but the artist never forgot about her.