Set the mood for your horror movie marathons, create an eerie atmosphere for trick-or-treaters, and scare the pants off your party guests with amazing Halloween decor from Amazon. This year’s favorites include hair-raising haunted house props, giant spiders and moaning ghosts for your yard, festive wreaths, paper party decorations, and more.

Glowing Outdoor Ghosts

Illuminated from within, three spooky fabric ghosts wearing witch hats dangle from a tree, your porch roof, or wherever else you want to put them. Three modes of flashing lights let you choose between slow glow, fast glow, and steady on and off.

Skeleton Candle

Perfect for the center of your table, this fun candle features a skeleton chilling in a hot wax bath within a mini cauldron. It’s made with premium soy wax and a cotton wick, and it burns for up to 50 hours.

Creepy Spider Wreath

Spider webs and black-and-orange leaves adorn this spooky Halloween wreath. It’s made of durable materials so you can use it again year after year. The wreath measures 19 inches wide and features LED lights powered by three AA batteries.

Set of 4 Haunted Portraits

Ordinary-looking paintings transform into terrifying portraits when guests walk past them. This four-pack of 3D picture frames measuring 10 by 15 inches uses a lenticular plastic “glass” to achieve the creepy haunted effect.

Floating Candles

Whether you’re going for a Harry Potter-themed Hogwarts effect or the look of an enchanted witch’s cottage, this set of floating LED candles will give you the eerie vibe you seek. 12 taper-style candles measuring 6.7 inches tall and one inch in diameter come with a remote control and hooks for hanging, along with attached strings. Each candle requires 2 AA batteries.

Haunted Eyeball Doorbell

Guests will get a spine-tingling surprise when they ring this delightful Halloween doorbell. A glowing eye suddenly appears, glancing around as horror music plays. It’s perfect for enhancing the trick-or-treating experience.

Giant Outdoor Spider Web

Talk about bang for your buck. This massive triangular spider web gives you a whole lot of Halloween atmosphere for under $25. The web measures an incredible 200 inches across at the bottom, and it comes with both a 50-inch light up spider and a bunch of stretchy cobwebs to add to the atmosphere.

Groundbreaker Zombie with Sound and Flashing Lights

As soon as someone walks by this motion sensor zombie, the whole thing lights up and makes horrifying noises. The undead decor features a head with long gray hair, green-tinged skin, and red flashing eyes, as well as two arms to make it look like it’s crawling out of the grave.

Coffin Black Felt Letter Board

Display your party menu, haunted house instructions, or any other message you want to convey on an adorable coffin-shaped felt letter board. Wall-mounted or freestanding, it measures 17 inches by 10.5 inches and comes with more than 500 white characters, 80 spooky emojis, a wooden stand, and a sawtooth hanger.

Black Gauze

Rotted-looking black gauze is a great, inexpensive way to add a whole lot of creep factor to your decor, and it’s easy to hang. This pack from Amazon comes with five woven black cloths you can drape and cut to your liking.

Cocoon Corpse

Scare visitors out of their skins with a life-sized prop that looks like a corpse hanging upside-down in the cocoon of a monstrous spider. This unfortunate guy measures 72 inches long and will flash his red eyes and emit horrible screams when anyone comes near.

Vintage Halloween Party Kit

This variety pack of paper lanterns, decorative fans, and honeycomb balls will bring a festive atmosphere to your Halloween event, even if your plan is just to settle in for some horror movies and popcorn. This vintage-style 15-piece set comes with a “Happy Halloween” garland and various ornaments in black, white, and orange.

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