In architecture, the new is build around the old – and often respectfully so. Why not do the same with furniture? This set of recycled dressers uses antique drawers as the starting point and crafts useful a new storage furniture system around each collections of unique drawer boxes.

With each discarded drawer carefully measured by Entwurf-Direkt. Then, the?frame is assembled to comfortably fit the various shapes and sizes – from as few as two drawers to as many as a dozen in a single object. The objects themselves (as opposed to the items they contain) become custom one-of-a-kind treasures.

This strategy is particularly suited to folks who may not always clean up after their own messes – there is something quite beautiful about these in relation to clutter around them. Rather than detract from some kind of abstract modern perfectionism, this item-covered kitchen cabinet seems more alive for all of the chaos.

No need to decide on oak, pine, cherry or maple (let alone a paint color) when you can simply have them all. It begs the question, though: why limit it to just old wooden drawers? Metal wire or woven wicker drawers could really spice up some of these pieces too – either mixed in with wood or taken in their own design direction.

To be fair, these works?are artisan-crafted pieces created by carpenters in collaboration with specific clients . In all likelihood, were someone to approach them with an even more offbeat custom idea they would give it a go.

So far the most conceptually innovative are the ones they have done for kitchens – the construction of which has included everything from file cabinet drawers to built-in sinks and stoves.