Work Sofa: Transforming Multi-Purpose Office Furniture

Modular Work Sofa 1

A series of rectilinear components come together to create anything from an unusual-looking desk to a cozy corner sofa or a combination of the two. The Work Sofa by Dutch design studio Prooff gives office workers the freedom to change their furniture around to suit their task, whether they’re making a private phone call or collaborating on a project with co-workers.

Modular Work Sofa 2

Modular Work Sofa 3

The different configurations offer varying levels of formality, too, eliminating the need for rigidly defined spaces within a workplace so that any room can go from a brainstorming lounge to a more professional setting just by moving the various parts around.

Modular Work Sofa 4

The designers analyzed how people use furniture at work, doing some “intensive research into the activity of sitting and the nature of maximizing social activity.”

Modular Work Sofa 5

This led to the creation of five components that fit together like puzzle pieces. The way the pieces come together is ultimately up to the user, with virtually endless possibilities.

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