Wooden Shade Slats Reborn as Attention-Grabbing Furniture

There are certain objects which immediately bring to mind certain cities – for Buenos Aires, the wooden roller blinds on homes and businesses may just be those objects. They are simple but recognizable, ubiquitous and often discarded without a second thought.

Argentinian architects Maria Constanza Nuñez and Gabriel Pires Mateus, collectively known as Gruba, have created a line of recycled furniture from these wooden roller blinds that is uniquely Buenos Aires.

The salvaged bits and pieces are refinished to create sophisticated furniture that looks nothing like it was once discarded. The roller blind slats are joined together with simple wooden frames into chairs, loungers and coffee tables that are surprisingly elegant.

Veering away from the wooden slats but staying in line with their green vision, Gruba also created this amusing – and probably very comfortable – stool called Banquito Willy. It features an engineered wooden frame that is held together without nails or glue, and a seat of recycled tennis balls.

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