Wonderful! Our World Without Traffic [Full-Color Photos]

traffic free urban photography

And not just any part of the world: Los Angeles, the most infamous car-infested, traffic-clogged metropolis on the planet – delicately adjusted through digital editing tools until it is completely devoid of all vehicles (as well as pedestrians).

traffic free highway landmark

This is not the end of the world, and certainly anything but apocalyptic in its aesthetics. Without cars, buses, bikes and people on foot to get in the way, it is simply a bright, sunny, well-manicured LA like no one has ever imagined.

edited no traffic streets

From the roads and sidewalks to streets and highways, everything becomes crystal clear as the viewer is able to pierce the omnipresent layer of activity that always acts as an overlay to the architecture and landmarks of a city.

edited no traffic photos

Student Tom Baker began this as a class project, but it has since become something of an internet sensation – his photography shows a world we can barely picture on our own and still hardly believe even when we see it.

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