Traditional + Contemporary = Modern Metal & Glass Home

modern minimalist traditional home

From the first glance, it is apparent that there are conventional housing concepts underlying this fairly futuristic home design. While it is made of metal and glass and is angular, abstract, asymmetrical and minimalist, the conventional a-frame shape as well as door-and-window arrangements of a traditional two-story home show in the facade.

modern minimalist postmodern house

There are elements of postmodernism in this Japanese home approach by Fukuyama Architects that reflect pivotal historical designs like the Vanna Venturi House – a home which embodies the idea of decor as metaphor, creatively rearranging recognized visual elements that we recognize culturally as belonging to a home.

modern minimalist home interior design

However, once inside, contemporary materials, simple gray and black colors and smooth glossy surfaces take over and reveal that, behind the front elevation, this sleek modern home design is anything but traditional in terms of the interior design and internal layout.

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