Tiny Books, Big Impact: Illustrator’s Hand-Bound Mini Tomes

front cover

Illustrator Evan Lorenzen has decided to record some of life’s biggest concepts in a very tiny format. His Little Book of Big Ideas is no larger than a safety pin, yet records the most important things that we as humans think about.



The itty-bitty pages are all illustrated by hand with simplified pictures. Each picture is the artist’s interpretation of the idea at hand: growth, war, love…they are all condensed into impossibly tiny drawings.



Lorenzen’s books are hand-bound and, when closed, about the size of his thumbnail. The drawings are beautifully intricate in a way that most artists would never be able to replicate.


size of tiny book

The artist’s books may be little, but they pack a huge wallop in terms of artistic endeavors. See more of Lorenzen’s itty-bitty handmade books on his website or Tumblr.

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