Time Flies with Haoshi Design Bird Clocks

Haoshi Design Sparrow X CLOCK

Cuckoo clocks get a modern makeover with Taiwanese label Haoshi. Its playful gadgets feature birds in flight and a beautiful philosophy of appreciating time, beauty, loss and anticipation, accompanying the objects. The design label was founded in 2009 with the idea to bring more joy, purity and peace into every day life with the Chinese concept of “good things” (haoshi).

Haoshi Design Cuckoo Clock

The Cuckoo X Clock ($170 plus $30 shipping) is analog, featuring minimalist hour and minute hands that remind the user that there’s another day waiting, because they have to actually rewind the clock. On each hour, the clock strikes and one little bird emerges to announce the time and meet its partner, which adheres to the wall besides the object to join together in “natural birdsong.” The clock can be set so it doesn’t alert and wake you at night.

Haoshi Design Sparrow X CLOCK

The Sparrox X Clock ($160 plus $30 shipping) embodies the “good things” concept, since these birds symbolize the idea, according to Haoshi. The birds linger for a while, then move on to chase their dreams while we enjoy the moment we had and look forward to moments to come. Set-up of this clock is easy via an installation chart that shows users exactly where to place what.

Hoashi Design bird clock installation


Haoshi Design Sparrow X CLOCK

The clocks are available in pretty, pastel, minimalist colors such as white, dark grey, light blue, green and pink. Other clock designs include the Swallow Clock, Goldfish Clock and various Moon Clocks featuring nocturnal critters such as owls and wolves.

Hoashi Design bird clock installation

Haoshi Design Sparrow X CLOCK Haoshi Design Sparrow X CLOCK

For more information, go to haoshi.com.tw.

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