The World on Your Finger: Tiny Wooden Landscape Jewelry

landscape ring set

These whimsical little wooden rings, designed by Clive Roddy, are the cutest way to carry the world in (or, rather, on) your hand. The laser-cut birch rings are lovingly hand-painted to look like tiny landscapes on your fingers.

house rings

birch mountain rings

Each type of ring – house, tree, and mountain – come in sets of three. Wearing them all at once creates a sense of depth, as if you’re looking at a village or a nature scene from far away.

set of tree rings

tree house mountain rings

Wearing one of each creates a quirky little pastoral scene on your finger: mountains in the background, trees in the middle ground, and a house in the foreground. It looks just like the kind of place we’d love to escape to one day. You can find them on Etsy for $24 a set.

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