The Robusto: A Futuristic Ti5 Titanium Watch

TiMe22 Robusto watch

It’s pretty ironic that a good wristwatch is in fact timeless. Case in point: the TiMe22 Robusto, a classic-looking watch with a ’70s vibe. The designers go as far as to call it “futuristic retro,” another contradiction of sorts.

Here, we’ll let them explain:

“We both grew up in the ’70s, a time when technology was rapidly changing and self-expression and individuality were hallmarks of the time,” say co-founders Stefan Wessels and Marc Schot. “It was an era where high-tech futurism and radical experimentation with form were a reaction against the sleek mid-century modernism.”

TiMe22 Robusto watchTiMe22 Robusto watch

The Dutch designers had been looking for a tough but elegant timepiece, and when their search failed, they vowed to manufacture their own. They decided to use Ti5 titanium for their watch case because it’s stronger than pure titanium and stainless steel — this type of metal is also used for building jet engines and other aerospace components. In addition to its strength, Ti5 titanium has valuable anti-magnetic, hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant properties. Salt water or sweat? No problem. Oh, and it’s also scratch-resistant.

And don’t worry that the Robusto might be heavy since it’s so sturdy: the TiMe22 team say it’s 45 percent lighter than steel. You may even forget you’re wearing it until you need a time check.

TiMe22 Robusto watch

TiMe22 Robusto watch

Other cool features include the single-piece chain bracelet with a hidden clasp that opens with a double-push button, and Swiss Super-Luminova glow-in-the-dark coating of the hands and numbers, so you can check the time when you wake with a jump in the night.

The watch’s dial is made from bronze and painted either mocha, royal blue, lunar black or imperial red, and it sparkles when the sun hits it just right.

The designers say the Robusto is water-resistant up to 660 feet, so you can leap off the bottle still wearing it if you go scuba-diving. (We’re guessing this feature covers you if you’re less adventurous and simply forget to take off the watch before your shower, too.)

TiMe22 Robusto watch

Now for the guts that keep track of time. For this vital part of the project, it was only natural that the Robusto partners turned to Switzerland, the land of mountains and extremely accurate watches. The Robusto Precision model features a Swiss-made battery-operated movement with seven jewels. The Automatic has a Swiss-made self-winding movement with 25 jewels, 28,800 vibrations per hour and an Etachron regulator system.

TiMe22 Robusto watch

Which version should you choose? That depends on your budget and how high-tech you want to go. The Robusto Precision is priced less expensively but uses one of the most reliable quartz movements that’s available today. The Robusto Automatic is more technically advanced, but of course you pay more for that.

TiMe22 Robusto watch

Wessels and Schot are so confident in their hand-assembled watches that they offer a lifetime guarantee, so you can be comfortable in your purchase, whether it’s a gift for a loved one or for your very own self. They come in a snappy red box that hides a cool black case, which makes for a dramatic presentation. Timeless indeed.

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