The PLANTation: Planter Inserts Reclaim Discarded Glasses

plantation 1

Lonely, unwanted drinking glasses left at bus stops, on benches and at the curb get a second shot at being functional household objects with custom-made porcelain inserts that turn them into quirky, beautiful transparent planters. Creator Alicja Patanowska scouts public spaces in London between 4 and 6 in the morning to find discarded glasses in all shapes and sizes.

plantation 2

plantation 3

The artist then hand-crafts inserts made specifically for each individual glass. When used right-side-up, the inserts sit on the lip of the glass, a hole in the bottom enabling the plant’s roots to reach water. Turned upside-down, with the glass on top, they become tiny terrariums perfect for sprouting seeds.

plantation 4

plantation 7

The result – named ‘The PLANTATION’ by Patanowska – allows the observation of the plant as it grows in both the stem and the root.

plantation 5

plantation 6

“This product allows the consumer the opportunity to reinvent the function of an ordinary glass vessel and give it a new context and purpose,” says Patanowska. “Look for the many possibilities that surround you to create your own home breeding plantation!”

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