The Louvre is on Fire! Hearth Shaped Like Museum’s Iconic Glass Pyramid

Few architectural creations short of the Eiffel Tower are so emblematic of the city of Paris as the glass pyramid that sits in front of the historic Louvre Museum and serves as its main entrance. The ultramodern structure, criss-crossed with geometric lines, stands in sharp contrast to the Palais du Louvre, a former royal palace that once served as a medieval fortress and became a public museum in 1793. That made it controversial when it was first proposed nearly thirty years ago, but the Louvre Pyramid by Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei has since become a landmark, and it’s hard to imagine the museum’s courtyard without it.

At night, this iconic 71-foot-high structure made of 673 glass panes glows like a lantern, illuminated from within. It’s one of the romantic views that make Paris such an unforgettable place, and now you can recreate this feeling within your own home thanks to the Louvre floor fireplace by Italian manufacturer bioKamino.

louvre fireplace

louvre fireplace

Glassed in on all four sides, the pyramidal freestanding fireplace offers panoramic views of its smokeless flame, making it an ideal focal point in any living space, especially during the colder months. A diamond-shaped vent at the top maintains air flow, and the glass panes are spaced to allow a bit of warmth to radiate into the immediate environment.

louvre fireplace

The bioKamino burner runs on bioethanol, so this fireplace doesn’t require a chimney, and its flame is mostly decorative, providing light, ambiance and heat. Bioethanol burns clean, producing no ash, soot or odors, and eliminates the need to store large quantities of solid fuels like wood, pellets or coal. The fuel originates from plants, making it a renewable energy source.

louvre fireplace

Since no special installation is required, the fireplace is portable, and it doesn’t even require electricity or any other pour source aside from the ethanol. Place it on a cozy rug so you can lounge next to it and enjoy a good book, or place it by a sofa, or in front of a window with a favored view. You can even move it from one room in your home to the next whenever you like – even to a covered outdoor area, as long as they’re kept out of drafts and away from any potential contact with water.

louvre fireplace

While it’s not intended to be a primary heat source, the Louvre floor fireplace is a beautiful way to enjoy the restorative act of gazing upon a flame, not to mention a sculptural modern accent. Handmade in Italy, it’s available in black or white, and measures 24 inches high and 29 inches by 29 inches at the base. The price is available by request on the company’s website.

“Our ancestors, after hurting for days covering kilometers on foot to escape their enemies or large predators, returned to their camps,” says bioKamino. “They sat before the fire, in silence, for hours. They were relaxing after extremely stressful situations, emotionally preparing themselves to return to normal tribal life. And that is how it is today… it’s still there in our DNA, the hypnotic and relaxing power of fire is an irreplaceable experience.”

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