Textile Designer Stitches Stools, Knits Wool Shirts for Chairs

Combine a fascination with fabric, love of furniture and fascination with scale and the result may be both more comical and comfortable that you would expect.

Claire-Anne O’Brien is a textile designer specialising in knitting – anything but mitts, hats and scarves, that is. Originally from Ireland she has recently graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2010 with a Masters in Textiles.

Instead of draping a shirt of the back of a chair, she proposes an entertaining alternative: cover it with a comfortable lambswool button-down sweater complete with ribs, cuffs, button holes, cut and fashioned to envelope and pad your seat.

Some of her work is a tad more serious, but much of it plays off patterns normally hand- or machine-knit into clothing, rugs or tapestries and created at significantly smaller scales (or, like the modular loop bench above, is inspired by the looping and weaving materials of textile production).

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