Tell Time with Style Thanks to This Affordable Luxury Watch Brand

Plan B Watch

Time is a funny thing. It can zoom past us in a blink of an eye. Other times, it can slowly creep along and make a minute feel endless. Yet, regardless of your daily grind, you can’t deny how important it is to keep tabs on it. Our lives revolve around time, embodied by special dates and alarm clocks.

That’s where a good quality watch comes in. It’s one of those things that will always be a constant necessity in our lives – so why not invest in something that will last? We can only glance at our cell phones so much, after all.

Plan B Watch

Thankfully, wearing a watch doesn’t mean that you need to spend your life savings. The crew at the Wrist Works Company has designed Plan B, a luxury watch boasting the finest components of vintage French versions. Top it off, it’s also meant to last a lifetime.

Inspired by traditional watches and modern elegance, founder Quentin Trudeau and lead designer Vikentiy Gryaznov set out to solve the lack of affordable watches in the luxury fashion world. And according to Wrist Works Company, Plan B can rival even the most luxurious Swiss brands.

Plan B Watch

Available in three different styles – silver, gold, and black – the unisex Plan B watch currently ranges from $149-159 through the company’s Kickstarter campaign. These price points are $100 less than their retail value. And if you order more than one set, you can save up to 64% off the retail price tag.

While $250 might seem like a hefty price point, consider this: a majority of luxury Swiss watches cost $500 and up. Additionally, it’s not difficult to find a model available for $1,000 (if not several thousands!) Needless to say, even at its retail price, Plan B is shockingly affordable.

Plan B Watch

Plan B Watch

The lower price doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality. Each timepiece is based on the fundamental concepts of vintage design, functionality, and universality. The details of Plan B are inspired by French watchmaking of the mid-1950s with a contemporary yet traditional twist. From the domed panoramic glass to the stainless steel case, Plan B exudes classiness.

Simultaneously, the battery will last long enough to help you see the days, weeks, and months go by. A whopping total of 54 months, to be exact. Don’t feel like doing the math? That equals out to 4 ½ years. Not too shabby.

Plan B Watch

Each watch comes with a dyed canvas and leather strap. However, Wrist Works Company also wanted to make sure that you’re ready with a backup. A secondary strap made of Milanese mesh steel is included in your purchase. This is an ideal option for formal occasions or when you’re looking for something a little different.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your arsenal of accessories or are thinking about holiday shopping, consider scooping up the Plan B at its low Kickstarter price. The campaign ends November 9, though – so act fast! However, even at its regular price, the Plan B watch is quite the steal. Telling time has never been more fashionable.

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