Stumble Upon: Upturned Rug Corner Turned Coffee Table

Rug Corner Coffee Table 1

The evidence of another person passing through a room, clumsily upturning the corner of a rug, shifts from a temporary annoyance into a permanent feature with this clever piece of furniture. Stumble Upon by Alessandro Isola is a rug with a built-in coffee table consisting of its own curving edge, hardened to provide a stable surface.

Coffeee Table Rug Corner 2

A reflective underside makes the corner stand out, providing a sharp contrast between the rug and its own underlay, one side richly textural and the other perfectly smooth.

Coffee Table Rug Corner 2

This part of the rug, usually not meant to be seen, becomes even more of a visual highlight than its soft surface, adding a functional place to set books or drinks while seated on the floor.

Coffee Table Rug Corner 4

Says the designer, “If you look down you may see a crease, a fold or a wrinkle in the carpet for instance. Signifying a movement or activity that happened on the surface of that very floor space. Highlighted as a small furrow, ridge or crease on a normally smooth surface, caused by crumpling, folding or shrinking. This usually causes a slight annoyance and is firmly pulled straight. Stumble Upon enhances those folds and curves creating flexibility and contrast.”

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