Steampunk Addition Brings Retro-Futuristic Flair to Farmhouse

steampunk addition 1

An ordinary traditional farmhouse in Ghent, Belgium appears to have a retro-futuristic spaceship docked beside it, ready to take off into the air. The rounded, copper-clad extension comes complete with submarine-style glass port holes, described by architects Atelier Vens Vanbelle as “a cocktail of science fiction and nostalgia.”

steampunk addition 2

steampunk addition 5

Not only does this highly unusual, stylized home addition accommodate an extra bedroom and bathroom, it also hides a private grassy-floored balcony. The all-white interior is made up of continuous curved surfaces to invoke the feeling of a spaceship interior.

steampunk addition 7

steampunk addition 8

The architects incorporated a curving glass wall that had been added to the home in the ’90s, building the new extension on top of it. There’s no denying that it’s a bit of a startling contrast to the original structure with its white shutters and terra-cotta tile roof, but the firm wasn’t going for a subtle effect.

steampunk addition 4

“The architecture of the new extension reinforces the ambiguous character of the existing buildings, because instead of searching a solution that matches as closely as possible the existing buildings, there’s been chosen to give the new building volume a strong and personal character. The new building volume seems to have landed or washed up on the site, as a sort of retro-futuristic capsule which one can not determine the origin.”

steampunk addition 6

“At first sight the result seems a little bit odd, but at the same time it is also very obvious. It’s quite difficult to place it into a particular style or category, which ensures this house will withstand the test of time.”

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