Spin Factor: Stunning Spiral Staircase Reaches for the Sky

Repetition – the echoing of design elements throughout a space – can be a powerful tool when used wisely. .PSLAB created this distinctive lighting fixture to mirror the existing unique staircase in architect Bernard Khoury’s home in Beirut.

The double volume spiral staircase already in place was a beautiful sight on its own. But the space needed something more – and this custom lighting solution was a perfect match for the personality of the home.

Carrying on the theme of the ascending spiral, the architects chose to create a visually connected lighting fixture. The arms extending from the central axis are each a different length, emphasizing the illusion of a climbing light fixture.

Visually, the staircase begins at the first floor and continues all the way up to the ceiling by way of a continuous spiral. The lighting complements the staircase so well that it seems like a perfect continuation.

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