Spanish Home Spreads Out in 5 Sections Across the Landscape


House & Studio YC in Barcelona from architectural firm RTA-Office takes on a hub-and-spoke form with five volumes arranged around a small central hallway.




The vaguely star-shaped home is located in a mountainous region where its muted colors and enormous windows help it blend into its surroundings. Each volume stands on its own, connected to the others only through the central hallway.



The roof of each volume is tilted up by 30 degrees, and open-air courtyards sit between each of the segmented rooms. This enlarges the view of the surrounding landscape and lets natural light burst in and course through every little corner of the ultra-modern home.




The five segments each serve their own function: entryway/craft area, living room, kitchen, master suite, and children’s bedroom. Because of the unique orientation of each volume, different light patterns emerge throughout the day as the sun makes it way across the sky. The home’s interior is outfitted in white walls and light-colored floors to enhance the interplay of light and shadow.



The home’s relative seclusion and unique orientation mean that the huge expanses of glass don’t leave the home’s residents vulnerable to the peeking eyes of neighbors.

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