Solosocks Pair Style and Function, but Not the Actual Socks


It’s one of those simple ideas that seems so obvious when someone else thinks of it: socks that are sold separately but match, even though they aren’t pairs.

Very clever. No more cursing when one sock goes missing after a spin in the dryer. Of course the socks are probably still going to congregate in that special sock-only zone, the mysterious dimension where footwear goes to spend eternity. But at least they won’t be leaving behind a sad survivor—there will be others to take the lost sock’s place in the drawer.


URU Design is the new Danish fashion brand that manufactures Solosocks “the same but different” to free them from the constraints of pair-dom. They are made from fine, soft, organic combed cotton, which is specially processed to remove the short fibers of the cotton, making the material even softer and more durable.

Solosocks works with certified European suppliers, so it can monitor the process from cotton to yarn to the processes for dyeing the socks the brand’s trademark colorways and patterns.



Of course, comfort is key, and a specially linked toe seam sets Solosocks apart from most of its competitors. Traditionally, instead of using a machine to craft the toe seam, professional workers connected all the single threads on the toe and foot of the sock by hand. As you can imagine, this type of detailed work is hard on the workers’ eyes, and Solosocks uses modern Italian machines in Istanbul to perform the same type of precision linking. No more uncomfortable, bulky seam that gets caught between your toes.

The top of the sock has a soft double-elastic band that’s comfortable for everyone and diabetic-friendly.

We all know that the toes and heels of socks are the spots our feet tend to work the hardest, so the Solosocks designers have reinforced both of those areas to add durability.


There’s a reason for the young look to the designs on these socks: The CEO and co-founder of URU Design is Alexander Morrabi, a 21-year-old student who manages to run the company while studying business, language and culture at the Copenhagen School of Business in Denmark. (We’re guessing he doesn’t have much time to play videogames these days.)

Morrabi stresses the quality of both the cotton and the manufacturing process: “We use state-of-the-art Italian Lonati machines in Istanbul, the sock capital of Europe!” he explains. “Turkey has some of the finest combed cotton, good reliable factories and is located in Europe. Most of the socks headed for Europe are produced there.”

The unusual designs that set Solosocks apart have been created by several talented Danish designers under the artistic guidance of Anna Sofie Weinell, an experienced fashion designer with a degree from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.


Solosocks are available for adults and kids via Kickstarter, where the brand has already reached its funding goal. You can choose packs of five or seven socks (no pairs, remember!) in a number of different colors, including Holscher (turquoise, indigo and azure), Van Dyke (azure, citrine and silver) and Gahry (crimson, red and maroon).

Fancy yourself as a sock designer? Morrabi and his team are inviting artists and creative types to collaborate on future Solosock designs. Get busy!

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