Sleek + Rustic: Divergent Desk With Integrated Phone Charger


The stark contrast between the materials used in the Katedra desk from designers Desnahemisfera makes for a visually striking and functional modern desk.


The desktop and right-hand support are made of a single piece of Kerrock with a small open storage space beneath. At the left side, the desktop is supported by what looks like a messy stack of wooden blocks.


Those blocks are actually three cleverly concealed drawers which open when you give them a gentle push. They are not only perfectly sized for the storage of your office supplies; they’re a brilliant balance between rustic and modern.


The Katedra desk also comes equipped with a built-in wireless induction charger on its surface. An LED indicator flashes white when in standby; when you place your phone in the charging circle the LED turns red. As soon as your phone is charged and ready to go, the LED glows green. This high-tech addition makes the Katedra a truly unusual, fantastic piece of furniture.

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