Simple Footed Umbrella Designed to Stay Where You Put It

nendo staybrella

Sometimes a tiny design tweak is all that’s needed to turn a familiar design on its head. The Stay-brella from Nendo is a plain umbrella with just a little difference: its handle is gently bent at the end to form a little foot.

3 forked handle standing umbrella

2 stand up staybrella


This two-pronged foot lets the Stay-brella hang from the edge of a table so it doesn’t get dirty, or lean up against a wall without getting the wall wet. The tiny kickstand even makes it possible for the Stay-brella to perch on the floor without rolling around.

4 nendo staybrella with forked handle

5 forked handle umbrella design nendo

Each umbrella also has a wrist strap for a little extra security to make sure it stays with you. Nendo’s clever umbrella is available at Seibu department stores in Japan in eight different colors.

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