Shipping Eco-Friendly Products in Mulfunctional Packages


This is a beautifully simple example of brilliant green packaging design. It solves three common product design problems at once by (1) providing sturdier packaging for shipping shirts, (2) making it easy to recycle and (the best part) (3) having it transform into something sustainable, reusable and useful that works with the object in the package.


The unassuming exterior of the so-called HangerPak looks conventional enough, with curved-and-folded ends to keep the inside wares from crumpling. Flipped over, however, and it reveals a simple set of instructions for converting the cardboard shell into a shirt or coat hanger within a few short steps.


If you, like many of us, always find yourself short on hangers then this is in the product design innovation for you. Moreover, it is simple, cheap and easy to construct and could be easily marketed and licensed to existing environmentally-savvy manufacturers around the world.

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