Seriously Ridiculous: Hand Bag Designs ‘Jump from Paper’

With all the emphasis these days in three-dimensional designs and technologies, this series of shoulder bags humorously reverses course, making a physical object look flatly two-dimensional.

JumpFromPaperâ„¢ is a playful and innovative line of handbags created by Taipei-based design duo, Chay Su and Rika Lin …. Cartoon-like outlines and bright and cheerful colors add a brisk yet funky flavor. And despite the slim appearance, each JumpFromPaperâ„¢ bag has a roomy interior to accommodate personal belongings and even a laptop.”

Perhaps not the most formal accessory, these sure would be fun to walk down the street with – or stand still and see if you can trick someone into thinking you are part of a billboard or bus advertisement panel.

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