Scenic 3D Curtains: Kitschy Way to Brighten Your Windows?

The effect might be depressing were it devoid of a real view out your window, but layering something on an already-interesting setting? There might be something to this otherwise-kitsch yet still-clever idea.

Studio Eric Klarenbeek: “For an apartment at the seaside of Knokke, Belgium, we were asked to design curtains for the living and bedrooms. The living room has a view of the sea, and for this we created 3 layers of curtains, working as a 3D panorama, every layer having different boats in depth.”

“The backside view of he apartment is poor due to the facing housing block. Therefore we created two layers of curtains. One thick light absorbing curtain, with the dutch dunes, and one layer with plants and animals.”

One could wish, though, that they had figured out a better way to capture these, as the photos hint at but barely do justice to the concept as executed.

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