Save and Share Your Diving Exploits with the Octospot Camera

Octospot dive camera

Lights, camera, ACTION! And we really mean action. There’s a new player in the action/adventure camera game, this one geared specifically toward divers.

Underwater fanatics will soon be able to claim bragging rights for spectacular video thanks to the Octospot camera–available for preorder now, so you can be the first kid on the block with one.

No more envious viewing of your hang-glider friends’ flights above canyons. No more nausea-inducing biker’s-eye views of guys hurtling round dirt tracks courtesy of a mud-spattered helmet cam. It’s finally your turn to show off…

Octospot dive camera

Now divers can share the calm peace of their undersea adventures, along with the creatures and fish they spot.

Octospot dive camera

“Inspired by our own dive gear, we know that any product for diving has to be tough, easy to use, and able to go deep,” explain the design brains behind Octospot.

How did they make sure their camera hit the mark?

“We’ve made the Octospot Dive Camera in anodized aluminum and polycarbonate, with an easy-to-use two-button design, and with the ability to record at a depth of 200 meters/656 feet,” says Team Octospot.

Octospot dive camera

The camera arrives with a universal mount so it’s guaranteed to fit any diving mask.

Octospot dive camera

The magnetic operating buttons can be used with your gloves, and there’s a vibration feature so that you know exactly when the camera is activated.

And how does the recording look? Most cameras lose colors as you go deeper, leaving your footage looking washed-out (sorry). The good news is that Octospot can monitor your depth and adjust your videos to match, so you don’t need to use filters to hold your color quality.

“The Octospot Dive Camera is the first action camera in the world that automatically adjusts the white balance to match the depth you are at,” add the designers.

Octospot dive camera

Here, the recording specs: “A top-of-the-line processor and sensor delivers video in 4K Ultra HD, slow-motion in 4K – 30 FPS, 1080p – 100 FPS, 720p – 240 FPS, and 12 MP images. The resolution and frame rate is pre-selected in the Octospot App.”

This is one smart camera. It also has a pressure sensor to log the depth and temperature of your dive, and you can check those and your battery life and time on a clear half-inch display on the end of the camera.

Octospot dive camera

Want to know how deep you were when you saw that school of fish? No problem. You can even set the camera so that it adds your dive data over the footage when you view it on the app.

Another nifty feature is the Activation Switch — simply press it for three seconds and you’ll create a “Snap Recording” or short video clip. No need to wade through hours of footage to find the perfect clip to post on social media.

Octospot dive camera

The battery will keep your camera running for two hours, thanks to special Thermo foam insulation that reduces battery drain from the cold. Clumsy? The Octospot is protected against spills too, with a tough military-grade aluminum casing.

By the way, landlubbers have permission to use the Octospot too–so, er, dive right in.

Octospot dive camera

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