Putting Up Walls: 10 Gorgeous Wall-Mounted Bookcases

Anyone can throw a bookshelf into a corner of a room and call it a day. It takes a bit more planning and effort to install a large wall unit bookcase. These 10 wall units are full of style, holding the room together as they hold books and entertainment equipment.

These wall units are all from Italian furniture manufacturer MisuraEmme and show the wide variety of materials and styles that wall bookcase units can be made in.

Wall units can be large enough to cover an entire wall of a room, or they can form a new “wall” by separating two areas of a room.

Some wall unit bookcases are meant for more than just books; they also feature spaces for televisions and home entertainment systems.

A wall unit can completely transform the look and functionality of a room. Because many of them are modular and installed just for the room they are in, they can conform exactly to the size and shape of the space they are in.

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