Purificatum and Momentum: Rarefied Air Purifiers

Fabian Zeijler Purificatum: air purifier and lamp

Is it a lamp? Is it an air purifier? Or is it simply a beautiful objet d’art that serves as a decorative focal point? Pūrificātum is all of the above, and also the 2015 graduation project of Fabian Zeijler is a young designer who recently got his degree from the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

Fabian Zeijler Purificatum: air purifier and lamp

Purificatum is a “personal air purifier” that filters the air, say, at your workstation, by your bedside or while reading on the sofa. it is personal, because you place the object right in front of you. Interestingly, it also is a lamp that allows you to adjust its brightness for optimal emotional well-being. Clean air plus soothing light equals healthy ambiance.

Fabian Zeijler Purificatum: air purifier and lamp

Zeijler’s thesis also includes Momentum, a three-piece gadget that measures your indoor air quality, providing feedback on particulate matter, humidity and ventilation. These aerometers “sense” poor air quality, as defined by these three parameters and move to indicate a problem. For instance, they will rotate subtly and silently to alert you to open a window to bring in fresh air and improve airflow. The pale blue drop measures humidity/dry air; the black disc determines particulate matter in the air, and the white half sphere checks for ventilation.

Fabian Zeijler Momentum aerometer

The idea behind both concepts is to subtly influence and improve the user’s physical and emotional well-being and thus productivity. For instance, while continuously sitting in one place working, one may not realaize that one’s headache is caused by dry air or poor ventilation. The particulate matter issue and its solution are less clear.  Zeijler’s intention is to create luxe yet minimalist products that harmonize three factors, “practical, comfort and aesthetics.”

Fabian Zeijler Purificatum: air purifier and lamp

Aesthetically pleasing? Most certainly. Comfort? To be experienced. Practical? Decide for yourself.

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