Primitive Knife: Stone Age-Style Kitchen Cutting Implement

Borrowing both from modern minimalism and human prehistory, this tool-inspired kitchen knife combines handle and blade in one simple design object.

Its creator, Italian design student Michele Daneluzzo, molded it such that the more substantial part forms a natural place to grip toward the top and back, tapering to a sharper edge down below and to the front for slicing.

Beyond aesthetics, the form flows into the function as well, bringing cooks a closer, more tactile and ergonomic connection with what they cut. Originally a student project, the piece is now in production thanks to Del Ben, a cutlery manufacturer in Italy.

Crafted from polished steel it is certainly a step up from the stone or bronze ages, though its diminutive pebble-shaped stand seems insubstantial and ill-planned by comparison.

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