Pattern Study: Home Interiors Brimming with Mixed Prints

Mix and Match Patterns Interior Design 1

Overuse of patterns in a single room can give the space a chaotic feel, but somehow, despite layer upon layer of mismatched prints, this apartment interior is peaceful and harmonious. Maybe that’s because developing beautiful prints is a full-time job for Marcel Wanders, a Dutch designer best known for his striking wallpaper patterns. This private home in Amsterdam is a virtual showroom of Wanders’ talents, with patterns integrated in ways both bold and subtle.

Mix and Match Patterns Interior Design 2

Hexagonal ceiling tiles in monochromatic white reflect a similar, more high-contrast design on the floor. Sculptures and chair backs bear lace-like scrolls, leaves and flowers, while the sofas are anchored by high-impact wallpaper layered with at least three different designs in one.

Mix and Match Patterns Interior Design 5

Mix and Match Patterns Interior Design 4

The overall mix balances intricate nature-based designs and graphic geometric shapes. This delicate balance continues into the bedroom and bathroom, where a large floral print adorns a mosaic wall just across from a textured wall in glossy black.

Mix and Match Patterns Interior Design 3

Careful use of color is definitely the key here. If all of these prints were multi-colored, the effect would be dramatically different. Strong lines and subtle one-color patterns draw the eye to the more colorful and complex while periodic pattern-free areas give the eye somewhere to rest.

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