Musical Chairs: Rocking Set of Sound-Generating Furniture

Finally, a chair both children and their grandparents will think is downright cool. Each rock back and forth creates a noise the mimics the sounds of sand and surf, gentle waves lapping up on the shore – an outdoor experience with an indoor furniture object.

As the videos illustrate, the sand in the runners makes a light and organic whooshing noise – projected conceptually out of the speaker-like opening along the bottom or the back of the rocking chair. Playing further into the design concept, real beach sand is used to fill the pipes and play the oceanic tunes.

Designed by Joon&Jung, this pair of chairs is matched just like a couple of people might be: each similar in terms of the gray plastic piping, plywood seats and backs and quaint industrial aesthetic, but both with unique twists, turns, swivels and sounds depending upon the particulars of their construction. The last and most obviously missing one would be the kids version – what a great way to round out the set!

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