Mural Artwork on Acid: Surreal Optical Illusion Architecture

optical illusion architecture

From a well-framed photographic perspective it is clear that this incredible wall-to-wall, ground-to-roof, full-building mural is compelling (and dizzying) in its realism – but even more amazing, it is likewise shockingly surreal from almost any other angle or position.

optical illusion wall art

Playing both with perspective and with existing actually-3D decorative and structural elements, it is hard to see where the flat-painted optical illusion ends and the real architecture begins in this work of whole-building art in the middle of Paris, France – except at a few critical intersections that can be seen up close.

optical illusion building mural

Used on everything from church ceilings to individual paintings, this form of illusion is known as trompe-l’Oei land inolves a mixing of real-life perspectives and artistic distortions that blur the visible borders of two-and-three-dimensional surfaces and objects.

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