More Than a Spork: All-in-One Utensil Includes Chopsticks

Awkward to use and less than visually appealing, sporks have never managed to find a permanent place in most silverware drawers. Will this weird hybrid utensil fare any better? The Twin One is a fork and knife set that fits together to form a pair of user-friendly chopsticks even Westerners can get the hang of.

The design of this lightweight eating utensil makes the chopsticks work like tongs, so foods are easier to grip. The knife and fork are convenient for foods like thick cuts of meat, while the chopsticks come in handy when sushi’s on the table.

This unusual utensil comes so close to being all-in-one, but you’ll need a separate spoon. Would making the fork into a spork have been worth the extra function, or would it add unnecessary bulk? It’s yet another question for the ongoing spork supporter-versus-detractor debate.

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