Moon Mattress: Giant Glowing 5-Foot Lunar Floor Cushion

Want to shoot the moon, or maybe just sleep on it? Take twenty-six photos shot of the brightest full moon to be found and add a dreamy dash of imagination.

I3lab combined forces with multiple astro-photographer to capture and translate a series of high-resolution moon images and create Full Moon Odyssey, a physical mosaic and personal mattress, and its littler cushion cousin: Nocturne.

As night approaches, the pair moon pillows slowly illuminate and transition like a 3D mosaic, shifting through the various images embedded on their lunar-inspired surfaces.

Not only do they grow brighter, but they also reflect actual degrees and nuances of light and shadow captured from real-life phases of Earth’s dark and mysterious satellite.

This huge circular cushion and its more-portable sibling seat beat crashing on the couch any day of the week (or lunar month, for that matter).

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