Mood Lighting: Jellyfish Lamps

Medusae Collection Jellyfish Lamps

The deepest depths of the oceans still remain a mystery. It’s a place where ancient, bioluminescent creatures seem to live suspended in a dreamlike state. The order of jellyfish is pretty well explored, but they still have sense of alien magic. California designer Roxy Russell was inspired by these water inhabitants to has dream up the Medusae Collection of jellyfish lamps, gorgeous pendant lights with poetic names like Hydra, Ophelia and Medusa, characters from Greek mythology.

Medusae Collection Jellyfish Lamps

The diaphanous Medusa Pendant Lamp, ornate Polyp Pendant Lamp and ethereal Ophelia are made from velum finish polyester Mylar and white powder-coated aluminum. The designer works in recyclable PET (polyethylene terephthalate, a form of polyester), yet is very aware of the problems created by plastic debris in our oceans and the irony of adding to our ever-increasing plastic landscape. But she believes she is doing so consciously. After all, you wouldn’t toss these lamps the way one would empty water bottles or fast food packaging. The lamps are meant to endure, and possibly even remind us of the fragility of our ocean eco systems.

Medusae Collection Jellyfish Lamps

Russell donates a percentage of the profits to the Ocean Conservancy. The lamps arrive in a flat box and need to be assembled at home.

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