Mogee Play Turns Anything Into a Musical Instrument

Mogees Play

We have to admit, “fun” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when we think about science. Mogees Play changes that, though.

It’s a simple premise; you stick a quarter-sized sensor on your laundry basket, or a shopping cart, or a tree in the park. Then just attach the sensor to your smartphone, and bingo–you’ll be “turning the world into a gaming interface and musical instrument,” say the designers.

Mogees Play

Two main ingredients make the Mogees Play secret sauce: a vibration sensor matched with intelligent software. Let the Mogees team explain, since they are, after all, the tech whizzes:

“The Mogees sound engine in our apps uses the vibrations sensed by the Mogees Play device as the input to feed a virtual resonant model, which replicates the vibration patterns found within natural materials such as glass, metal and wood.

“As the quality of the sound remains intact on the output, the nuanced differences between the scratch of a nail and the thud of a thumb can be heard and interpreted by the app on your smartphone or tablet.” Yeah, what they said.

Mogees Play

The Mogees Play launched on Kickstarter, and at the same time the company released three apps to go with it:

Mogees Pulse is a rhythm game that will hook you with its varied genres of music. Start off with simple beats and progress up to more complex styles from all over the world.

Mogees Jam helps you create your own music–it has tools that let you build rhythms, melodies and loops by tapping on any object that has a Mogees Play sensor stuck to it. (Hopefully the game can instill musical talent in those of us who are challenged that way.)

Mogees Keys promises that we can all achieve the “simple creation of melodies, arpeggios and chords.” Got to admire their optimism.

Mogees Play

But seriously, Mogees Play is designed for the novice who’s interested in playing music but perhaps didn’t have the confidence to try lessons. The London-based company crowdfunded Mogees Pro for professional and advanced musicians in 2014 and 2015, and has used the same technology to help musical wannabes.

Mogees Play

Mogees founder Bruno Zamborlin came up with the concept for a portable device to turn everyday objects into musical instruments when he was studying for his doctorate in computer science and music. He became bored with only being able to make music in the studio and at home, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Mogees Play

That innovated spark has propelled the company forward, and Mogees wants as many people as possible to share its excitement about having fun with music and connecting it with tech advances. In fact, the company says it will be sharing its technology and opening its application program interface (API) so developers can invent new ways to “inspire, entertain and teach” with the device.

Mogees Play

It’s also developing plans for educational and therapeutic organizations to use Mogee Play as part of their services, and has designed the system so it integrates with the U.K.’s national school curriculum.

Learning + science + music = fun!

Mogees Play

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