Modular Laundry Room Cabinets & Storage Design Ideas

modern laundry storage cabinets

Much like the laundry itself, the design of a laundry room – certainly not the most glamorous space, save perhaps as shown in the pictures above – is often shoved to the end of of our interior decor to-do list. While you may not feel like decorating such a secondary space from floor to ceiling, it is an important core functional place in virtually every home with space enough and thus worth a second look.

modern laundry design idea

From simple modern cabinets to handy mobile organizer units, these laundry space designs by Idea Group are specifically formed around the necessary functions of doing the laundry with built-in modular components for easier changes over time – in short, their beauty is in their relative simplicity, flexibility and fitness to function.

modern laundry room furniture

While a laundry furniture collection may not make the list of choice topics at your next gathering or preferred gift ideas, they are at least an interesting set of options for under-served subjects of potentially better interior design.

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