Mod Squad: Modular Desk Set Puts Everything in its Place


If you believe organized people, keeping your workspace organized is the key to maximizing productivity. Pat Kim Design teamed up with Seattle-based Ladies & Gentlemen Studio to create a modular desk organization system they call .Org Deskscape System.



Everyone involved in the design shares a love of textures, patterns, materials, and functions. Following that passion, they created a desktop system that includes metal, solid wood, and cork. The set’s four pieces each serve a distinct purpose.



.Org consists of a wooden mail organizer with adjustable metal dividers, a cork pin board, a two-chamber wooden container for small objects, and a wooden zig-zag tray for pens and pencils.



Each piece is made in the U.S. of high-quality materials in small batches.



The pieces aren’t connected; they can be moved around and rearranged in any configuration that works for you. Each can be used independently, but when used as a desk set they can be exactly what a disorganized person needs to keep a desktop perfectly orderly.

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