Make Furniture Assembly a SNAP with This Creative Clamping System

SNAP by Be-elastic

There’s nothing more frustrating than crouching over furniture parts and a page of vague instructions. Even the handiest people have experienced the woes of ready-to-assemble furniture. But when things like tables and night stands are essential for a comfy home life, sometimes you just have to give in. Cue the headache and sore back.

Thankfully, the brilliant minds of Be-elastic have the perfect cure. Created by Barcelona designers Maria Roca and Erika Biarnes, Be-elastic recently launched SNAP, a unique furniture assembly system that will double as your home’s new best friend. The system’s highlight is exactly what it sounds like: you can make furniture with a set of “snap-able” legs. Television stands, bookcases, foot rests — you name it.

SNAP by Be-elastic


So how does it work? Each pair has a left and a right leg — much like a pair of shoes. The legs have a clamping system that owes its strength to a cable. The clip-on metal legs can be attached to items like dartboards or simple slabs of marble. And since the legs are available in different heights, you can create anything from a play table for the kids to a display for your knick-knacks. It gives you the freedom to personalize your space from the very first step. The best part is that you never have to bring tools and glue into the picture.

SNAP by Be-elastic

This cable is exactly what will keep the object — anything up to 1.5 inches wide — in place. According to SNAP’s website, these legs can hold up to 154 pounds. The key is to use an object used is strong enough to hold that kind of weight. They can even be stacked to create a simple book case up to three or four shelves, depending on the model you use. Awesome.

This type of assembly system will speak to the minimalist lovers and frequent nomads. The design is sleek and compact, making it easy to take apart and pack away. They’re also ideal for small spaces that would benefit from designs that aren’t overwhelming or loud. Even experienced handymen will appreciate the simplicity of these clever legs.

SNAP by Be-elastic

Unsurprisingly, upcycling fans and flea market junkies will be all about SNAP’s customization potential. It finally gives you a reason to embark on a thrifting jaunt, searching for the best surface to turn into a table or bookcase. It provides an excellent vehicle for expressing your personality in a functional way.

Need some ideas for your next set of SNAPs? Transform an old vintage door into rustic center table. Wooden crates can double as versatile night stands, while ceramic tiles can create a shelving unit. Put that old skateboard to good use by turning it into an accent piece. Take a slab of glass (with rounded edges for safety) and decoupage photos or artwork to the backside to create personalized furniture. It’s safe to say that the possibilities are endless.

SNAP by Be-elastic

To learn more, visit Be-elastic‘s website for more inspiration and ideas for using the SNAP assembly system. You can also place an order or learn how to curate a set of legs that fit your needs.

If you already have a full arsenal of furniture, consider gifting a set to a city dweller or a friend who’s always on the move. SNAP legs are also useful when your space needs a new (and quick) pick-me-up. The hardest part will be choosing that perfect object.

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