Low Ink! Colorful Square Pillow Covers for Graphics Geeks

Every good graphic designer knows to dread the ‘low ink’ warning that comes just when you need to print something with one or more of the core CMYK colors. Combined, they can produce every color you can think of – individually on a pillow case, they make up a bit of an offbeat design palette.

Skip the standard sexy reds and deep blues – these pillow covers come (of course) in fashionably unusual cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black). Washable replicas printed on cotton to withstand hot washing, these fabric knock-offs may outlast your next set of ink cartridges (and will almost certainly beat the lifespan of the quickly-crumpled paper your warnings are printed on).

Graphic designer Thomas Dabner also has a set of simple cloth tote bags that follow the same aesthetic theme. We geeks all get the joke, but the real question is: what will other cool hunters and trend-setters think of these strangely-patterned pillows and bags?

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