London Yard: 7 Grassless Gardens for Modern Urban Homes

With large American-style suburban front and back yards, it is easy to sow some grass seeds and assume the responsibility of simply mowing it into shape later. Smaller urban lots in big cities (British or otherwise) pose another set of challenges entirely.

Philip Nixon relies on Modernist, Cubist, Bauhaus and other landscape traditions in building domestic porches, patios and gardens, but each responds uniquely to its context – including surrounding fences, adjacent buildings and local styles.

It would be a mistake to define this work within the limitations of landscapes, though, since furniture and architecture play such vital roles as well in shaping spaces – greenery as such is simply another material in the mix.

From the firm: “We believe excellence in design is the thread that ties together landscape, ecology, architecture and art. We seek to constantly explore the relationship between inside and out, between art and design and between the natural and the created landscape.”

“We create gardens for people employing a lightness of touch and respect for context but without fear of being bold and decisive. Good design is about having a vision which is functional, balanced and unifying.”

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