Lively Real-Tree Table & Birds Add Mystery to Dinner Party

Dinner at an art fair would be boring if it didn’t involve some art itself, hence this lovely long dining table by charles kaisin with trunks and branches reaching up to and through its surface, then splaying out to umbrella the guests below.

Per DesignBoom, “the 36 seater table was completed by gold flooring and white draping. The guests, including elio di ruppo, jean-paul gaultier, xavier and hurbert guerrand-hermès enjoyed 36 birds flying above their heads as they feasted on a seven course meal.”

In some places, cut-off trunks become supports for candlesticks, lending appropriate forest-worthy mood lighting to the room.

While it was a one-off project – more installation or performance art than furniture – this inspired piece certainly has a role to play beyond its one magical night, in the form of inspiring other creations that bend the rules (or branches) of convention.

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