Live & Learn: ‘Training Dresser’ Teaches Kids with Drawers

Form meets function in playful postmodern style with these contents-shaped doors that open up into clothing storage for children.

Peter Bristol, a Seattle furniture maker, goes straight to the point with visual cues – heck, even as an adult we could sometimes use a reminder, right?

Boys and girls versions add a cute twist as well, though one could hope for a third unisex option too. Since they are hand-crafted individually, it seems like an easy alternative to add.

“The cabinet is made from ¾” ULDF and finished with conversion varnish. The drawers are 9 ply ½” maple plywood, dovetailed and finished with clear catalyzed lacquer. All cabinet and drawer components are cut, drilled and dadoed on a CNC table router. Assembled with a combination of screws, pins, staples, glue, and Pacific Northwest fresh air.”

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