Light & Heavy: Desk Supported by Both Blocks & Balloons

Reception desks are notoriously, well, businesslike – and some probably should be. But surely some can be a bit more interesting, providing a little entertainment while you wait.

That is the idea behind this creative work station by Boys and Girls (images by Liam Murphy), held up by giant-sized Jenga pieces on the one side and apparently (though not really) suspended from a cluster of colorful balloons on the other.

Once the agency had a LEGO boardroom table (featured in the video above), they found the bar was set too high to stick with a simple reception-area desk. Thus, “Plans were drawn, crayons sharpened and collaborators consulted to come up with a reception desk that would put “small and routine” in its place for once and for all. This is the result of months of planning and some fairly heavy scientific research.”

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