Junk Joinery: Scrap Wood Strips Make Fresh New Furniture

Repurposed boards have a natural aged beauty hard to ignore, particularly when various pieces of variegated color are set alongside one another. Two crafty designers featured on 360 See show how simple, rectilinear, modest and modern furniture forms truly shine when made out of recycled timber strips.

Jamison Sellers gets creative within the metaphorical box, framing each piece with a darker wood the infilling with a dazzling variety of reused-palette boards, sawed and joined at 45-degree angles.

Scrapile does not distinguish between outside and in – each object almost looks like it could have been cut from an infinitely-extending whole, first glued from pieces then sliced back into shape. In this case, pre-finished, high-end wood is used, but the effect is impacted more by the composition than choice of composite boards.

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