Intertwining Ribbon Structure is a Beautiful Wedding Chapel


Couples in Onomichi, Hiroshima, Japan have what might be the most beautiful chapel in the world in which to hold their weddings.



The Ribbon Chapel from Hiroshi Nakamura of NAP Architects is a breathtaking freestanding chapel overlooking the beautiful Inland Sea. It sits on the grounds of resort, comprised of two intertwining staircases.



The breathtaking sculptural structure spirals up from the ground and terminates in a small platform where the couple can stand to spend their first married moments together.



The dual ribbon structures wind around a central chapel on the ground level, climbing around and around one another until they join at the apex – just like the couples who are joining their lives in marriage.



The staircases widen at certain parts to shield the ground-floor chapel from the sun. The spiral stairs serve a poetic purpose other than simply creating a beautiful structure.



After the ceremony, the bride and groom climb the staircases separately. When they meet at the top, they ask for heaven’s permission to join their lives in marriage.


The stunning ribbon chapel is certainly one of the most unique wedding venues in the world. The spirals are symbolic of the meandering paths we take before meeting and joining forever with our one true love.

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