Interior Inspiration: 13 Lovely Photos of Spectacular Rooms

Interior design, like fashion, lends itself very well to the pursuit of fine art photography. Rooms are perfectly coiffed and made to look their absolute best, rather like glamorous models preparing to bare their souls to the camera.

Magnus Selander is a musician-turned-photographer who possesses both and admiration of and an extremely well-developed eye for the beguiling details in an interior design.

Selander’s work provides a window to some truly incredible and compelling interior designs, any of which could serve as the perfect inspiration for your own redecoration or reorganization efforts.

From a massive, grand living room to a quiet little corner to a charmingly overgrown back yard, the photographer’s eye manages to catch a beautiful world that somehow looks entirely natural, as though he simply walked in and began snapping pictures of homes as they are every day.

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